Fun Revolution | Fun Games Newest Games My Wedding Show Pick the best looking wedding gown for her and make sure to choose the perfect accessories.Wish you a world of happiness and love as all your dreams come true. Ice Cream Parlor Welcome to the towns newest, biggest, best ice cream parlor. You have been invited to come work at this magical place for the day, serving some of the tastiest treats for all the boys and girls. Are you ready to dive into the world of the Ice Cream Parlor? Wedding Cooking A wedding cake is a must in a western wedding. Every time you go to a wedding you focus most on the happy couple and their special wedding cake. Of course the cake has to go along with the theme of the wedding. Today you have your opportunity to make a delicious wedding cake for your two best friends. Their wedding is tomorrow and you don`t have much time to prepare it. Hurry up and make the most amazing wedding cake ever! Lasagna Cooking Cook lasagna by following the instructions given. Cooking Vada Pav Vada Pav is a popular vegetarian fast food dish native to Indians. I hope you like to try new foods because this taste might be a little different for you. The best part is that you can make your own Vada Pav now because you get useful instructions which are really easy to follow. Try it and you won`t regret it! Serving Cookies To Kids In this addicting game you must serve the kids with their preferred cookies. When a kid arrives at the cookie shop he or she will ask you for his/her preferred cookies. Drag selected cookies to his/her box. If all cookies are served correctly to the kids, they will then pay you. Collect as much money as you can before the time goes up and advance to more complicated and fun levels! Making Halloween Pumpkin Learn How to Make a Halloween Pumpkin. All kids like to make and prepare something and now you will learn how to make a great Halloween Pumpkin. You will need a lighting candle so the pumpkin will looks great in the night. Use the in-game arrow and read the instructions about how to make this nice pumpkin. Good Luck! Delicious Cake Dinner Party Design your delicious cake and decorate the dinner party with all the delicious fruits, cakes, ice creams and drinks. You can scroll the mouse to zoom in on the fruits, ice creams and drinks. Very sweet and fun! Pastry Cook Being a pastry cook is a hard job. Your reputation is extremely important to you. Deliver the best wedding cake you can. Spaghetti Carbonara Italian Spaghetti Carbonara is a very popular recipe in Italy and in many other parts of the world too. Now you can cook this delicious food in just a few minutes. Put into a large post of boiling salted water, cook spaghetti pasta until 'al dente', drain well, toss with 1 tablespoon of olive oil and then set aside. Have fun. Cooking Hot Peperoni Pizza Prepare to taste and learn one of the most famous and delicious pizza recipes - Peperoni! Pizza Master Are you a Pizza Master? You must prove it in this free pizza cooking game. Select the specified ingredients for the recipe to put them on the pizza base. Complete the pizza as soon as possible because you are being timed. Test your cooking pizza skills and see how many levels you can complete!! Pizza Hut Pizza Hut uses one of our best Italian recipes and I am sure you are going to love it once you cook it! Try our different ingredients and enjoy the good taste and smell. Be your own family's chef and make everybody be proud of you. Good luck my friend! Cooking Gyros On The Beach At least once in life you have to try cooking gyros on the beach. Let Marco the great chef guide you through making delicious and tasty gyros. Impress your friends with this new recipe and let them know how good you are. Gather everybody on the beach and have fun combining food with pleasure. Happy Birthday Games We have seen so many beautiful birthday cakes, do you want to make one yourself? Now you have a chance to make a delicious and unique birthday cake. There are all kinds of cakes and you can make one however you like. You can choose something to drink by just clicking your mouse. When you show off your cake, you can change the background picture too! Enjoy making birthday cakes! Fish Pizza Cooking You have the recipe for delicious fish pizza so do not waist any time and get cooking! There are hints inside the game to help you. Use your left mouse button to cook. Delicious Chocolate Cake Chocolate cake is a cake flavored with melted chocolate or cocoa powder. The recipe that we suggest is a classic one and it`s not difficult to prepare. Give your all and make the most delicious chocolate cake ever. Your friends will be impressed and I am sure they will love it too. Good luck! Panner Roll Wow... Panner Roll! Who would hesitate to taste one? Here we give you an excellent chance to learn the Panner Roll recipe and at the same time toss your boredom away. Have fun. Bella's Pizza Follow Bella's instructions to make a Pizza.